Niviuk - ZION

Niviuk - ZION

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The Zion is a mini wing from Niviuk, who envisage it being used in all sorts of ways, allowing pilots to “express themselves”.

Because it weighs only 3.6 – 4.3kg, depending on the size, it can be carried with you on a day’s ski touring, or on a hilly scramble or walk, and flown down again in your own style: gentle soaring, perhaps a thermalling flight, or in a high-adrenaline speed riding descent.

It also has the speed and manoeuvrability to launch in stronger winds too, so could extend the possibilities of flight at your normal soaring site.

The Zion is available in three sizes: 15, 17 or 19m2, for up to 91, 103 and 115kg.


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